Speak low, if you speak of love.

Bron: Much ado about nothing (1598)

Family is one of the most precious things we have. Within a family everyone has their own personal interests, things that are important as well. How does a family handle personal preferences? What motivates you and the other to give love and time to each other. Where are the pitfalls and what are your talents?

Because of the knowledge and insight in yourself, you also get more insight in your family member. The mutual communication will be more efficient for both you and the other family members.

We know from practice that the profiles and different personalised tools contribute directly to the broadening of self-awareness. This self-awareness is the basis for more self-knowledge, self-appreciation and self-confidence, which makes sure that people’s talents can be used optimally.

At the moment, we are developing the Q4 Profiles Family and the first consultants can be certified.

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