Personal Style (DISC) Profile

Getting to the essence quicker

With the Q4 Profiles Personal Style (DISC) Profile, you quickly get to the point. A few key questions within the training/coaching and collaboration of people will be answered with the use of this profile. Questions like these, among others:

  • What is your personal preferred style in communication?
  • What is your natural behaviour?
  • What is your required behaviour?
  • How do you deal with stress situations?
  • What is your unconscious reaction in stressful situations?
  • How is it possible that I have that “click” with someone very quickly?

Increasing self-awareness, but also the insight in the other is being increased with the insight of the Personal Style (DISC) Profile. It mainly answers “how” you do things, but also how the other does things and where the bottlenecks and the contact points are located.

Furthermore, you are able to map your and others’ strengths, talents and pitfalls.

The added graph is an example of how people’s preferred style is graphically represented in the profile. The complete profile contains 23 pages, in which the practical applicability of the obtained insight gets the upper hand.

That’s how communication tips are viewed from your own personal style, but also the potential pitfalls you can take into account to adjust the communication to the other person. This way, you will optimise your personal as well as your team’s communication.

During the training to become a Q4 Profiles Certified Partner, reading and interpreting these graphs will be extensively discussed, so you will always have a good basic understanding and starting point during your conversations. Sign up for one of our inspiration sessions for free here.

Ready for the next step in human behaviour? Click here for the page about the Personal Values Profile or fill out the validated questionnaire for your own brief Personal Style (DISC) Profile for free here.